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Tips & Tricks

Nintendo Switch is the most versatile game console you can buy.  

There are plenty of hidden features and little tricks that can help you get the most out of the console, and we’ve rounded up the best ones here.


Nintendo Switch parental control

You can set up parental controls to monitor use, restrict playtime, or pick an age limit for games.

Either way, you will be able to choose a restriction level for Nintendo eShop purchases, restrict posting screenshots online, prevent communications with other users and

enable the console to be used in a restricted mode based on its current location.


Find Your Lost Joy-Con

Get Grip on your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con and Play Better!

Joy-Con controllers are highly portable, but for the same reason, they can be easy to lose.

See The Steps on Guide:


Get Discounts by Using Your points

Each time you buy eligible games from the Nintendo Switch eShop or register your physical games with My Nintendo, you’ll earn Gold Points worth 5% of the amount you paid!

Use them to get discounts on digital games, and even full game downloads and other fun content.


Prevent Nintendo Switch From getting More Heated

Buy this Dock With a Cooling fan to lower the temperature within seconds!


Save Nintendo Switch’s Battery


Pair Blutooth Headphone


Transfer Save  Data

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