Useful tools for Node.JS

Node.js is a programming environment created by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Its main purpose is to be useful in building highly scalable network programs. Since its inception, it has fulfilled its purpose, which is why many developers are increasingly choosing to use Node.js.

Node.js also offers several modules that make it a very powerful programming environment. The community is also very helpful and they create open-source projects that help extend the Node. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful tools developed for Node.js, from libraries to frameworks, to make your workflow even more straightforward.

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15 Basic Tools

Let’s move on to a list of useful resources with a brief description of each.

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1. Node Package Manager

It is a package manager for Node. You can use it to install and publish your Node.

2. iO.js

This platform is compatible with the npm manager for Node.js. It was developed using JavaSCript Chrome V8 engine.

3. Math.js

It is an extensive math library exclusively for JavaScript and Node.js. It offers a solution that allows you to work with complex numbers, units, and matrices. It’s quite powerful and you can quickly learn how to use it, plus it supports chain operations.

4. Cylon.js

Cylon.js is a framework developed using Node.js. Its command line interface allows you to access the most important features of this framework in seconds. This allows you to perform scans, firmware updates, and other hardware-related issues.

5. Migratory

This tool for Node.js is for migration. It is compatible with various environments and allows you to execute various processes in a queue.

6. Eskimo

With Eskimo, you can develop Node.js applications, APIs, and more. It has been developed using open-source packages and can be used for a variety of purposes, from launch announcement pages to help systems for CDN resources.

7. Taunus

This tool is focused on usability and performance, so if you want to improve your applications, Taunus is one of the best tools you can use to improve the user experience.

8. Pencil Blue

This open-source content manager has a responsive design. It’s easy to use, extensible, and so flexible that it’s great for more than just blogs.

9. Paperclip.js

This quick tool allows you to create templates for both the browser and Node.js. It can be easily expanded.

10. Set

Another HTML5 template generator for Node.js and browsers. It has a visual interface so you can design and even test it before using the generated template in its final form.

11. Passwordless

Passwordless is a tokenization-based middleware for Node.js. It can be easily implemented with a single field form.

12. Broccoli

This Node.js tool is a resource feed similar to the Rails feed. It offers you several plugins ready to use.

13. Sails

Sails.js was developed with frameworks like Ruby in mind, with the difference that this tool is specific to Node.js. This is especially useful for creating real-time features like chat options, etc.

14. NodeOS

It is an operating system based on npm. It was built on the Linux kernel with a Node.js runtime.

15. Express

This framework for Node.js is minimalistic and allows you to create applications, websites, and APIs. It was developed with connect so you can only use the modules you need.

With these tools, you can simplify the work and quickly create and implement the desired project. Of course, there are many more of them, but in this article, we examined the most commonly used ones. Each of them has its functions and features. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can use one or another tool.

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