DIY Guide: Crafting Live Wallpapers Yourself: iOS/Android

Decorating your smartphone is easy – just download live wallpapers to your smartphone. Of course, there are stunning full-screen screensavers, billions of beautiful pics on Pinterest, and thousands of photos on the phone itself, but video wallpapers provide an impact unlike any other. And, yes, such wallpapers may be installed on any smartphone. Let’s find out how to do that.

The guide for Android users

One of the main advantages of Android is that features are available on this platform that other mobile operating systems don’t have. For example, you can set a fragment from your favorite clip, movie, or your own video as the background image of the start page. Root access is not necessary, and programs that enable this are available for free on Google Play.

The most popular option is of course to shoot a bright colorful bouquet of flowers. Order flowers with vase near you: discuss with the florist a great composition with rich flowers. Then you can puff on the composition of flowers from the spray gun so that the drops flowed down the velvet flower petals.

Take a video. It is desirable that the video be vertical, otherwise, it may be severely cropped or distorted. Loop your video so it plays without interruption.

After that, download the app from Google Play and start it, then enter the gallery by pressing the top box after a few welcome messages with brief instructions. Now, choose the video that will serve as your live wallpaper.

Once everything is ready, click the wallpaper setting button. That’s all. You can choose a different application, but often they are created on the same base and will not differ much from each other. Sometimes they even have the same interface.

What about iPhone?

There is no need to download a separate app if you have an Apple gear. Live Photos on the iPhone are extremely brief video “shorts” that are captured before and after your shot to make it seem to life. Such images, however, can be used as live wallpaper.

First, open your phone’s settings and find “Wallpaper”. Now click “Choose new wallpaper”. Then scroll down to the very bottom to Live Photos section. It will contain those photos that can be used for live wallpaper.

live photos editing on iphone
You can edit live photos too

Just make sure that the Live Photo icon is on before choosing a wallpaper. If it is crossed out, the photo will be selected as normal. If the photo was taken in landscape orientation, you can move it to fit what you wish on the screen.

It is now just essential to choose whether the live wallpaper will appear on the lock screen or on both displays. After that, your lock screen will have a live wallpaper that scrolls when you touch and hold your finger on it.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that there are a lot of applications on the iPhone. For example, to create unique live wallpapers from clips, you need the intoLive app. You can not buy premium access: the features that the free version provides are quite enough.

Also in the AppStore you can find a lot of interesting applications that will make live wallpapers for you.

Please note that when using live wallpapers, your iPhone battery may drain faster than usual. This must be taken into account and not be afraid if the percentage of the charge melts.

Wrap up 

If you are tired of simple wallpapers, then you can try setting live background images to boost your smartphone’s home screen and make it more attractive.

Such wallpapers look awesome, but often consume a significant amount of system resources, so software developers provide for them to be turned off when the user is working in apps, playing or watching videos in full-screen mode.

Test the abilities of applications and experiment with live wallpapers. We hope our methods will help you with this.

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