CarPlay NOT Working iOS 16: How To Fix

This tutorial will demonstrate to you what to do in case you face iOS 16 carplay not working.

Despite numerous useful options, this OS version is also not free from problems. Currently, a lot of customers have expressed worries that the system does not operate properly with their devices after installing the latest edition of iOS.

Just go to Reddit, and they are sitting raged:

If you have also encountered iOS 16 carplay not working, then this material will tell you about various convenient ways to fix this error. Keep an eye out for corrections.

Sometimes while buying a car we may discover that nothing works. Furthermore, the most irritating thing occurs when you go on a vacation, decide to take benefit of an incredible rental option like one of my go-to options is rent sports car Dubai, and then get to know that the mobile phone would not interact with the car for some purpose.

UPDATE: The Latest iOS 16.0.3 has fixed many connectivity and Volume Issues with CarPlay

This is highly disappointing because rental companies provide a wide range of vehicles for hire at affordable prices. Once you hire a car and CarPlay is not operating, it appears that your entire holiday will be ruined.

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Luckily, there are several alternative solutions how to resolve CarPlay Issues in iOS 16?

It is suggested that you try all of the alternative solutions mentioned below and determine which one works best for you. So, keeping that in mind, let us begin.

Verify The Compatibility of The Vehicle and The Area

Firstly, Apple CarPlay is not supported in all vehicles and is not available in all regions.

As a result, before attempting any of the configurations mentioned below, we suggest double-checking that the feature is compatible with your vehicle and the area in which you currently reside, especially in case you are trying to link to a rented car. 

Force Reboot of The Gadget As Well As The Relaunch of The Vehicle

You need to begin with a simple troubleshooting tip that involves relaunching the gadget. Although this may seem like an evident solution, but in most situations, a simple relaunch is sufficient to resolve most troubles and can fix CarPlay issues with iOS 16.

Therefore, launch the power menu. After which, to restart the gadget, drag the toggle to the right. Similarly, restart the vehicle and then reconnect.

If the problem still exists, then your following step is to force restart the gadget, and then like in the previous case, you need to restart the car as well and then try to set a connection once again.

Deleting Limitations From The CarPlay Application

In case the CarPlay software is subject to content and confidentiality limitations, it may not work in such conditions.

As a consequence, you need to think about expelling this limitation and then observing the outcomes.

  1. To begin, navigate to Settings > Screen Time.
  2. Then, under “Content and Privacy Restrictions,” select “Allowed Apps
  3. Now, beside CarPlay, switch on the radio.
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Examine The Connection

If you are having trouble connecting to CarPlay wirelessly, try the following.

First and foremost, ensure that Bluetooth is turned on. If it is already activated, toggle it off and back on. Other Bluetooth gadgets may interfere with the CarPlay link in some situations.

As a result, you need to temporarily disconnect all other linked-up and even matched Bluetooth objects before attempting to link to CarPlay.

Update iOS Firmware to Fix iOS 16 CarPlay not working

In some situations, the CarPlay issue may be caused by an incorrect software upgrade. In these kinds of cases, Apple often releases the next fix as soon as possible. So, if an upgrade is due, do not forget to download it right away.

Reboot the gadget after having installed the update.

CarPlay Re-Configuration

If neither of the aforementioned techniques worked, your final step should be to delete the linked CarPlay from your gadget and set up it once again. Here is how to go about it:

  • Navigate to CarPlay > Configuration > General.
  • Then, after selecting your vehicle, press “Forget this vehicle.
  • Then, go to CarPlay and choose “Available vehicles.”
  • And finally, re-configure CarPlay and test it.

That is it.

These are alternative approaches for dealing with the fact that CarPlay sometimes can not work properly with Apple devices.

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