How to Build a Computer for Video Editing?

All the video editing and visual effects work need a computer that can perform well. The configuration and compatibility of the computer should be smooth enough to avoid any defect. It is essential to build a PC for video editing, especially for editing purposes to handle the task properly.

Most of the works in this field require a hardware-intensive process for performing efficiently. In this article, we will discuss the process of building a computer, which will be capable enough to handle all the strenuous work. Building your computer is more harmonious than purchasing from the market. Read more to know about the components required for building a computer and how to work with it.


how to assemble a video editing pc


CPU is the foremost object required for building a computer as it contains the main processor. This determines the speed with which you can perform the tasks. There is countless modern editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and many more. Investment in CPU is important for increasing the resolution of the video and greater benefits.

How to Buy the Best CPU?


Other than the CPU, there is a video editing card that makes the video look creative. You can invest less in this component depending on the quality of video required. It is not even mandatory to install a graphics card in your computer but modern video editing software renders and encodes the videos through accelerating hardware.

There will be results that are more fruitful by investing a large amount in graphics cards. Nowadays, AMD’s OpenCL offers high ending performances for editing videos that support the software as well. Higher-end graphics cards are highly suitable for playing games on the video editing computer.

How to Buy the Best Graphic Card?

RAM & Storage

RAM is another essential component for streamlining video editing. Minimum 8GB RAM is required for 1080p quality videos. RAM should be taken better because video editing is such a task that requires speed in the computer. Invest in it as per your requirements and comfort zone. Another interesting area for building a computer is data storage.

Generally, there are two options like solid-state drives and hard drive disks. Both of these storages work for video editing purposes however, solid-state drives are more reliable because of their amazing configuration. The performance is also better compared to hard drive disks in case of multiple clips editing. When the footage remains about 1080p simultaneous clips are played so storage space is required. It is recommended to at least install a small SSD for the operating system of the computer.

This system will make a difference in the speed of the video and other computer operations. However, some of the SSD’s are expensive so you can go for cost-effective multiple hard disk drives.

How to Decide the Best Storage?


All the above-mentioned components work together for the motherboard. This thing should have a congenial socket that allows every other component to work well for video editing. You should keep in mind the sound and number of USB ports when purchasing the motherboard.

Make sure to go through the reviews while buying it so that the sound system matches the need of your audio quality. If you need the best quality audio then a sound card can help in that case. Video editors need lots of storage because video footage adds up to terabytes quickly.

After setting up all the important components, you need a high-quality power supply so that there is no failure at the end. It is recommended to get information from expert people so that electricity is utilized in the best manner and the computer remains cooler.

How to Buy the Best Motherboard?


Adobe Premiere Pro is the current edition of the most popular video editing software used by professionals. The installation process is quite easy but it is rich in features. The software can be used alone or merged with After Effects for visual effects and animations in the video.

Animated videos of high quality are made using this expert software. Vegas Pro is also powerful video editing software, which is similar to Adobe Pro but also has ample plug-ins for particular purposes.

Many competitors in the market have built computers for video editing purposes. Some of them are-


This computer is reliable enough for professional and beginners video editing purposes at 1080p resolution videos. This computer with a CPU of Intel i5-11400F works three times faster than the laptops. The computer is made especially for video editors who need a capable CPU with high-quality videos at an affordable price.

The inbuilt RAM is 8GB DDR4, which can be upgraded later on as well. It delivers the best performance with a power supply from Corsair CMX 550W. If more spaces are required then HDD or SSD’s can be installed here. Grab it before it gets out of stock


  1. The CPU is powerful with Intel i5- 11400F
  2. The computer is built with motherboard ASRock B560M PRO4/AC
  3. There is a storage space of 1TB Intel SSD
  4. The operating system is Windows 10
  5. The power supply comes from Corsair CXM 550W

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This computer is for pro-video-editing persons who can edit videos up to 4k resolutions.

The budget is still reasonable with a manageable powerful CPU. Here larger RAM and SSD are attached as well with 2TB Intel storage space. The computer is specially made for editing high-quality videos where the power supply comes from Corsair CMX 550W powered by AMD Ryzen 5. All these types of computers can be upgraded by installing HDD and SSD’s.


  1. The CPU is made with AMD Ryzen 5 600X
  2. There is a storage space of 2TB Intel SSD
  3. The operating system is Windows 10
  4. The power supply comes from Corsair CXM 550W
  5. There is a RAM of 16GB DDR


This computer is curated in such a manner that editing 4k resolution videos takes less time.

The value of this professional build is quite high with the latest edition 10crore, Intel i5-12600K CPU. With this CPU even the performances of other components increase and the speed of the quality become more compatible.


  1. The graphics card is made of GTX 1660
  2. The motherboard is Gigabyte Z690 UD
  3. The cooling technology of the CPU is made with Dark Rock 4
  4. Windows 10 is the main operating system
  5. The power supply for the CPU comes from EVGA G+ 650W


The supercomputer is built for editing videos having resolutions of more than 4k. The CPU is given extremely powerful where the performances are noticeably high. Every work in this computer is higher and faster simultaneously. It is having a CPU of 16-core AMD R9 5950X with multi-threaded performances.

The computer may not have more spaces to fit in but the power supply is huge. This computer is extremely efficient and delivers more reasonable videos.


  1. The graphics card is made up of RX 6600 XT
  2. You will get a power supply of Sea Sonic Focus 750W
  3. The operating system is windows 10
  4. Two storages are 2TB Samsung SSD and 10TB HDD
  5. You will get normal RAM of 64GB


If you need to edit videos of 6k or 8k resolution then this computer is ideal. Using dual CPUs will not make the work faster rather use the 64-thread TR 3970X CPU for multi-threaded performance. All the video editing software is getting advanced day by day for performing projects at an improved rate.

With a large amount of RAM, all the consumer graphics cards, and an air-cooling system you will get the best computer for video editing.


  1. The CPU is made powerful with AMD Thread ripper 3970X
  2. The motherboard is of Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Pro
  3. Three storages are 512GB Samsung SSD, 2x 10TB HDDs, and 2TB Samsung SSD
  4. The air cooling system is made with Dark Rock Pro TR4
  5. The power supply comes from sea sonic 1000W


Most of the video editing software depends on the powerful CPU, which uses GPU for accelerated presets like a fast blur in/out or for several blending modes. The video card is also useful for giving effects in videos like controlling brightness or contrast and balancing colors. There are transitions, which are applied to animated videos.

After researching and selecting all the parts at affordable prices, it is time to assemble them all. The first thing, which you should do, is going through the manual given and watch some tutorial videos. Do not hurry to build a computer and take it slow. All the parts need to be placed in the correct place.

Choose the parts that cater to your video editing needs. Along with essential components, monitors and keyboards are also required. There are generally three tiers that are advanced in their way. The first tier is for the beginners who edit videos and the middle tier has a reasonably faster processor. This also consists of professional-grade AMD GPU and RAM.

The last tier is the best computer made for video editing purposes that consist of an AMD processor. Different builders of computers have different opinions when it comes to parts, blueprints, and the final decision. You can exchange necessary parts wherever it is required according to video editing requirements.


All the above-mentioned builds are listed down after proper analysis and research. Therefore, a powerful video editing computer requires an equivalent CPU with it where a GPU powerhouse is not needed. Buying plenty of RAM is not needed at first so it is better to go with the 16GB. It is enough for carrying out several projects. You may install SSD as well for making every other component work faster. Therefore, an excellent computer can be made out of this variable component put together. Take the help of expert professionals for further clarifications.

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