Author: Hammad

Twitch Error 3000

You might be experiencing Twitch error 3000  If, You are having a black screen with a buffering icon. Error 3000 prevents users from loading streaming sessions due to Media Source Decoding Error. You don’t need to get frustrated anymore as the error is solvable. Here are 3 ways to solve this error easily. Follow me, […]

Twitch Error 2000

Are you getting Twitch Error 2000 Network Error? The Network Error usually appears when watching a stream preventing users from accessing the site normally and watching any streams. It might have appeared during your chat section and it has annoyed plenty of people around the world as well. Well, This error is fixable, and I’ll […]

Twitch Error 5000

Facing Twitch Error 5000? You might be experiencing with the prompt msg of Content not available when streaming? Don’t worry, it will be gone after some easy fixes so follow the solution down below! NOTE: This solution is based on Google chrome if your using another browser then its solution are still similar and you […]

Twitch Error 4000

Trying to read any stream on the platform, and Twitch Error 4000 occurs with message: “Media resource format not supported” This error can be frustrating because it occurs every few seconds or minutes in a flow. In this guide, you will find 4 solutions to help you solve Twitch error 4000. Solution 1: Select audio […]

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